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Since I’ve started this blog, I notice a bunch of my friends have started sending me emails and texts with deals whenever they find them. I love this – keep them coming!! This one is from my friend Lizz, who writes really well, so I should probably have just let her post this herself.

She sent me a text to let me know that you can get 20% off at Payless for the month of December using your AAA membership card. Payless always seems to have a sale going on, and if you hold out a little longer, maybe they will do their Buy One Get One 1/2 off sale again soon! 20% off of that could get you a whole bunch of shoes for cheap! I feel like I need to insert a little personal message to my boyfriend in here reassuring him that I won’t be buying any new shoes until I know they will fit in our new apartment. I can just see him panicking that he’s coming home to this:


I always seem to forget that you can use your AAA membership card for more than just Roadside Assistance, but believe me, I use it for that too. I lock myself out of my car several times a year, sometimes with it still running. I need a car with keyless entry – I’m adding that to my Christmas list.

Anyway, you can use your AAA card for a whole boatload of stuff (even if you don’t own a boat). Here is a list. There are 40 pages here!!! You can also print this little pocket guide if you’re like me and forget that AAA will save you money along with saving you from a flat tire and running out of gas (yes, I’ve used it for those too…).

Happy shopping! Just don’t run out of gas on the way to the mall!!

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