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With all the apps available for smartphones now, does anyone even still use a regular point & shoot camera? There are apps that let you choose filters, add cool effects, change colors, crop, and basically make it look like you’re a professional photographer, even though you can’t figure out why your real camera has all these wavy lines and something that says “ISO” on the screen…

I’ve recently gotten hooked on Instagram. As far as photo-editing apps go, it’s actually kind of low-end. The only things you can do are choose a filter, rotate the photo, and add a blur. I like it more so because it’s also a social network. You can “follow” people and comment on their photos, and then explore photos taken by celebrities or other users that you’re not following. Check out some of these gems, posted by the same girl who can’t get those wavy ISO things off her camera (err…me.)



There are some people who actually post some really awesome photos, so get the app and start following people! Then you can take advantage of the Postagram deal I’m about to share where you can turn your Instagram photos into personalized postcards for only 99 cents!

Ok, I’m kind of telling a lie. It’s not a deal anymore. Last week they were letting you sign up and send 5 FREE postcards. I dropped the ball on that one and forgot to post it, so now I’m trying to pretend that it’s a deal at 99 cents. But it is! Postcards cost…what? like 28 cents to mail now anyway? So for 71 cents more, you can take a fancy picture, add a cute message, and send it to someone on a high quality postcard. You can even choose to have the photo pop out of the card for someone to save or frame! Use it for a card AND a gift! Now you’re really saving money and I didn’t even have to lie

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