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I just found the most amazing business idea and I’m more than a little upset that I didn’t come up with it myself. Check this out. Go ahead, I’ll wait.


You can rent textbooks! Rent them. R-e-n-t, which means to not pay $200 for a book you will open a maximum of 5 times a semester and then sell back 3 months later for $4. Is this not the best idea ever?! I mean, I’m sure some kid has been doing this in his dorm room for years, but the fact that everyone can now use the internet to rent a textbook as easily as they can get a Netflix movie makes me want to give this site a big, red A+.

It also makes me wish I went to school in the age of iPads, cell phones, and Chegg. My life would have been so much easier. Do you KNOW how hard it was to type a paper on a word processor that had no social networking distractions? Or to spend 10 minutes folding a note into a perfect triangle shape to pass to a friend in between classes instead of sending a text message? I have no idea how I had time for homework.

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