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That’s not a real word, I made it up. Is anyone else completely obsessed with the upcoming Olympics though?! I don’t know what it is, but it happens to me every 2 years. Well, let’s be honest – the summer games are way more exciting than the winter ones, so I guess it happens every 4 years. That is a LONG time to wait for something. Especially when you are the Queen of Impatience, as my boyfriend will probably tell you. In fact, I bet he’s thought up lots of other titles for me.


I think the Olympics to me are just like reality TV on steroids. I have watched all the little clips from On Demand and know everyone’s most embarrassing moments. I have read hundreds of articles at this point, so I know the names of the athlete’s pets along with their inspiring stories (the athlete’s, not the pet’s). I even have a friend coming over to watch the Opening Ceremonies with me and snack on Olympic-themed munchies and drinks. I must admit, I definitely buy into all of the hype and get attached to these people to the point where I am counting down the days until their races and meets. Good job Olympic Marketing Committee. You got me. Actually, I think you’ve got someone else in my apartment hooked too…


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