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A few weeks ago, when I was going through the pictures on my phone, I discovered something a little disturbing. No, it’s not what you’re thinking (perverts.) I guess it’s not even THAT bad. I mean, everyone has 137 pictures of their cat on their phone, right?



Going through all these pictures, I realized that I have a very helpful cat. I’m not sure who taught her how to do chores, but I know it wasn’t myself or Dan. She helps us fold our clothes.


She is great with all of those hard to open, twist-off caps.


She likes to wrap gifts, especially when there is ribbon involved.


Sometimes she helps me do my hair.


When we need help sending an email, or using the mouse, she is always there.

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Not only is she helpful, she’s just a really great friend. We watch football together, and she will cheer for the Patriots with me even when we’re playing the Bengals.


And she’s always the first thing we see in the morning. She helps us save our phone batteries by waking us up before our alarms go off. I mean, isn’t that just so thoughtful?

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She plays a really killer game of hide-and-seek too!


After helping with chores and keeping us entertained for the day, she does seem to get a major case of the munchies.


Then she will usually pull out the couch (all by herself!) and take a nap.


I think she deserves it.

Hypothetically, if you have 137 pictures of your cat on your phone, many more on your computer, and about 20 in a blog post specifically about your cat, how close are you to being a crazy cat lady? It’s too much math for kitty and I to figure out. We’re going back to napping.


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