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This website is like the Holy Grail of shopping. I don’t know anything about the Holy Grail other than what Monty Python & Dan Brown have taught me, so that may not be entirely accurate, but it certainly is the Holy SomethingOrOther. Just go with it…

If there is a coupon out there for something, will find it for you. Just click above the search bar to change from “Deals” to “Coupons”, enter the store name, and click “Search”. If there are any printable coupons for that store, they will pop up with a printer icon. If there are online coupon codes, they will show you the code AND the most recent success rate.


Pretty cool, right? I hope you have that down, because I’m about to throw so much more coupon coolness your way. Ready? Using, you can find printable grocery coupons, the day’s hottest shopping deals, a question and answer forum (helpful if you want to ask things like “where can I find the cheapest tickets to this event?”), and a list of the day’s freebies. They also have a mobile app:



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