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Has anyone actually started Christmas shopping already? I normally consider myself ahead of the game if I start before Thanksgiving, but this year I am already hearing things about “the holidays” and it’s only mid-August! What “holidays” are you referring to – Labor Day & Yom Kippur? I generally don’t buy people gifts for those.

One of the places that just informed me about these impending holidays was This is a website where you can take a voucher from a deal site, such as Groupon, and turn it into a nice looking gift. If you don’t already have a voucher that you’ve purchased, you can search for one using this site. Then you enter your voucher information and the little elves inside your computer turn it into a fancy little gift certificate that you can print out and give to someone you like. Or someone you don’t like, whatever.


They actually have a bunch of different themes, like Christmas, Hanukkah, Mother’s Day, fitness, Valentine’s Day, and a few others. Some of them are really cute. Cute enough that now I want to buy a voucher and make it into a gift. For myself. Happy Yom Kippur to me?

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