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There are some good deals at both CVS and Walgreens this week and I wanted to take advantage of both of them, so here is what I did:

Went to Walgreens #1 and bought these two items:

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I am a GIANT lip balm snob and Carmex is the only brand that I really like. It’s the only one that is waxy enough that I don’t have to reapply it every 20 minutes, but it’s not sticky or weird-tasting. I have at least one in every room, every purse, and at work, because I am not obsessive at all. Nope. My favorite is the strawberry one, but I’m excited to try these pomegranate ones!

They were 2 for $3 at Walgreens this week, and when you buy 2, you get back $2 in Register Rewards to use on your next purchase! I also had 2 coupons for 30 cents off of each one that I got from their Facebook page, so I only paid $2.40 for these and then got $2 back!

Next I went to CVS and got these few things:


Whenever you walk into CVS, scan your loyalty card in the Big Red Coupon Machine (it might have a real name, but whatever) because it almost always prints out something awesome. Today mine printed a coupon for a FREE Salma Hayek Nuance trial-sized item. I chose the curl cream on the right.

If you’re a member of the CVS Beauty Club, you probably received the email coupon for a free trial size Clear shampoo. I grabbed the one on the left and it’s perfect to bring for my trip to Costa Rica on Saturday!!

The toothpaste was $4.99, but you get $2 Extrabucks back, plus I had a $1 coupon from the 8/26 Smart Source insert. I paid $3.99 but got $2 back.

The chocolate was 67 cents, but you get 67 cents Extrabucks back, so it’s really free! It wasn’t open when I bought it. I have no idea how that happened…

So basically at CVS I paid a total of $4.66. I had $4 in Extrabucks to use, so only 66 cents came out of my own pocket for all 4 things!

I got back in the car and headed to Walgreens #2. Luckily there are 2 of them near where I work because I am a lunatic and don’t like to do 2 transactions in 1 store because I feel like it annoys the people behind me and I don’t want to look like a “crazy coupon lady”, so I do my second transaction at a different store if I can. Either that or I come back to the same store at a different time. I know. Nuts.

The Kleenex 4-packs of 60 tissues were on sale for $4. There is a coupon booklet when you walk in the door that has coupons for the entire month of September. Inside there is one for $1 off of these multipacks.

1347406529 (1)

The one on the left will be great for the next time I sneeze in French.

Usually they have the coupons at the register also, so if you can’t find one, just ask. This made them $3 each and I used the $2 Register Rewards I got from my last transaction, so I paid $4 for all 8 boxes. I also got $2 in Register Rewards back again for buying 8 boxes of Kleenex (the multipacks still count towards this deal!) so I will be headed to Walgreens #1, 2, or 3 tomorrow to get another $2 item for free!

My out of pocket expense for all of these items was $7.06, and I still have $2 Register Rewards and $2.67 in ECBs to spend next time!


Maybe next lunch break I will have some time for lunch.

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