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You might already know it, but I like to be annoying and pretend I know something that you don’t. What’s even more annoying is when people say that and then refuse to tell you the secret. I’d rather not even know that you have one because now I’m going to obsess about it and try to figure it out. So much so that when you finally tell me I’m probably going to be like “that’s it…?” I’m not going to do that to you though. I’m going to tell you my not-so-secret secret right now.

Did you know that when you print coupons from the internet you can usually trick it into printing twice?!

I’m serious. Try it right now! Go to and find one you want to print. Any one. Let it print out and then you should see this screen:


Once you see that, hit the “backspace” key on your keyboard. It should automatically refresh the page and reprint the coupon!!

Unfortunately you can only do this once, but it’s an easy way to get multiples without having to use more than one computer!

Ok, now it’s your turn to tell me a secret.

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