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I have been waiting about 350something days for this one moment. It was the highlight of my life last year and I’ve been so excited to see if 2012 was going to measure up. Good news – it does!!

The CVS Black Friday ad was released today!!!!! There is a twist this year, however. While there are a number of FREE items in this ad (which is effective from 11/22 – 11/24), the best deals by far are actually in the ad that starts this Sunday!! For that reason, and also the fact that Black Friday sounds so…dark, I have decided to refer to this as the CVS Sparkly Pink Friday ad. Way better, right?

I haven’t been able to find a better ad scan of this Sunday’s flier, but there is one here at and honestly, I am too distracted by the pages of free things to spend too much time noticing the poor quality images. Scroll down to the 2nd and 3rd pages. Go ahead, I will wait.


Ahhhh!! I know!! Every single thing on those pages is FREE! Well, actually I should clarify here that all of these items are free after ECBs. What this means is you should have some ECBs saved now to use towards these items. It’s ok if you don’t though, you will just have to pay a little bit out of pocket first to get some, but then you can just keep rolling them over into free stuff!

So, for example, you can go into CVS on Sunday and pay $0.99 for a box of Kraft Mac & Cheese and $1.00 for Carmex chapstick. If you don’t have ECBs, you would have to pay $1.99 (plus tax) out of pocket, but you will get $1.99 back in ECBs. Then you can use these ECBs on your next transaction to pay for a box of Kleenex and roll of Sparkle paper towels (both $1). You won’t spend any of your own money and you will get $2 back in ECBs to keep going!


It sounds like a lot of work/transactions for those of you that don’t have ECBs to start you off, but honestly, this is the BEST time to start because you will build those ECBs so quickly! And it is SO worth it to come home with bags full of free things that you will use all year long!

Make sure to save some ECBs from your trips on Sunday through Wednesday to put towards the items from the “Black Friday” ad that will go on sale starting on Thursday!

To summarize:

  • Get 8 gazillion (yes, I do math for a living) things FREE with ECBs this Sunday!
  • Get 2 gazillion more FREE on Friday (or Thursday if your store is open!)
  • Let the crazy people spend their day at the mall, while us completely un-crazy people stock up at CVS on Sparkly Pink Friday!

If I have completely overwhelmed you, or if you want even MORE info on how to work these deals, contact me!

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