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Even though I slept through Black Friday, I didn’t miss the sales at CVS all week long! There were 2 separate ads for CVS last week – one from Sunday through Wednesday and another from Thursday through Saturday. Both had great deals and lots of free stuff, although the 1st half of the week was much better!

On Sunday, I ventured out to a few different CVS stores (I know…but I don’t like to do multiple transactions in one because I feel bad for the people waiting) and came home with all of this:


I paid $1.70 for everything there, and that’s only because I brought the wrong coupon for the Advil or it would have been just 70 cents total! There were actually several more things that would have been free, but I only bought (er, stole for free?!) the things that I needed or really would use.

I went back again on Saturday and got some headphones for free. I also got two candy bars, but I probably don’t need to explain why those are missing from the photo.


Again, there were a few more things for free in this ad also, but I didn’t really NEED any of them and the one store I went to was out of the batteries and toothbrushes, so I didn’t get those either. If I weren’t so lazy, I could have grabbed them at a different CVS, but I was pretty satisfied with my haul.

I can never stress enough how CVS is my absolute favorite store to shop at. The cashiers are always friendly and knowledgeable, the items always scan correctly, and most of the items are always in stock (with the exception of Black Friday). It’s just so easy to get things for free or cheap there! Definitely sign up for their ExtraCare card if you don’t already have one and start earning those ECBs!

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