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Earlier this year I decided I wanted to be blond (again). I don’t know why my 2012 self hasn’t learned from my 1995, 1997, 2000, and 2009 selves that doing anything different to your hair, especially on your own, is BAD. Several hundred dollars and a few trips to the salon later, I’m finally back to my natural color and never dyeing my hair again (2013 and 2014 selves, take note).

I think this is why I’m now actively avoiding the salon. I can’t bear the thought of spending another 10 cents on my hair this year, no matter how long, snarly (it’s a word.), dry, and split-endy (it’s not.) it gets. Instead I will just keep putting socks in my hair and pretending that it’s a fancy new hairstyle.


That’s right. The Sock Bun. There is a sock in my hair. IN my hair. Because without it, that bun flops over and you can just tell that I took about 30 seconds to tie it up in an effort to leave the house before reaching for the scissors…


Side note: I had to take the morning of my Junior Prom off from school to go get my hair fixed after I tried to give myself layers while sitting on the floor of bedroom. Those pictures will not be appearing here.

For a tutorial on the sock bun, watch this video. And no, I have no idea why she is called Mr. Kate. And yes, she is a tiny bit annoying.

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