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This could go one of two ways:

  • I get an A+ for the week because I scheduled not one but TWO classes and then I checked out some online ones as well.
  • I get an F for the week because I didn’t take a single class THIS week, the online ones didn’t work out so well, AND I cancelled a gym class that I had scheduled.



I signed up for a First Aid class because I’ve really been feeling like I don’t have enough blood and disease in my life now that House has ended. And mainly because I like to be prepared for all sorts of apocalypses (apocalysi? apocali?) just to set my anxiety at ease. So after February 22nd, if you need a Band-Aid and/or the Heimlich, I’m your girl!

I also will be taking a class to learn what all the buttons and menus and functions (oh my!) are on my new camera! I don’t actually have that camera yet, so I couldn’t take the class, but it’s currently in NY where it arrived at 2:17pm, and it is scheduled to be at my door tomorrow afternoon. Is there a 12-step program for obsessive package tracking?

So because I couldn’t physically go and take one of those classes during the week, I decided to check out some of MIT’s free online classes. I think it’s really great that they offer this (Harvard and UC Berkeley do it also), but I went into it expecting to be able to watch some lectures, take a test, or read some articles, and while some of the classes do have those things available, the tests don’t have answers and the lecture notes are really just undecipherable outlines. I did look at some of the photography student’s final projects though.


I had a barre class scheduled for Tuesday night, which doesn’t really count because I had it scheduled before I picked this resolution anyway, so the fact that I cancelled it because of snow (read: because I was too lazy from having to clean off my car and get to work in the snow that had long since ended by the time of the class…) doesn’t count either. So there.

When I finish my classes, I will post a little update about them. In the meantime, I’m currently on Day 1 of NO EATING OUT! which is how I like to say it because it just seems like a punishment. $150 at the grocery store. Rescheduling Cheesecake Factory plans with Mom. Not being able to go out to lunch with Dan on his last Friday off. NO EATING OUT! week is SO mean!!


But those muffins. Those muffins are not mean. I quite like them!

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