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Hello there! I finished up with week #2 yesterday and I feel like someone is going to burst through our front door with a pop quiz any minute. I learned a new word every single day, but I wasn’t as good about actually using them. It’s really HARD to use obscure words in sentences, you guys.

For example, on the first day I chose a word from this website. It was “conterminous“, which means something like having the same set of boundaries or being part of the same…i don’t know…area? Yeah, clearly, I learned this one. After a few seriously forced attempts like “my leg is conterminous with my foot” (is it? I might not even be using them correctly…), Dan said to me “so basically I’m going to have to learn a new word every day this week also?” To which I replied, “Yes, my word week is conterminous with yours”. Score!


Poor Dan. He was equally as excited the next night when I used my second word on him also: “You’re a daymare.” I think working is probably my worst daymare though. And Dan got me back on Day 3 when I asked for a word and he gave me pnuemonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. I’m sorry, what?? That day I was happy with just learning a word and not trying to use it in a sentence.


On Day 4 I was reading a book using the Nook app on my phone, and I didn’t know what the word “imbroglio” meant, so I looked it up. And just like that – word of the day. Bam.

Day 5 was compendium and, other than the fact that I just looked it up to post that link, I have no idea what it means. I have somehow already forgotten something I learned 3 days ago. Imagine that. That guy with the pop quiz isn’t really coming, right??

The sixth day was a little easier because my word was “sangfroid” and it was so fun to keep saying in a nasally French accent! Seriously, hit the little speaker icon next to the word and listen to the guy say it. Don’t you want to eat crepes now?!


Sangfroid was also easy to use because I have the opposite of sangfroid. So I just kept telling Dan over and over how I don’t have sangfroid and I wish I had sangfroid but I have the opposite of sangfroid. Three times in one sentence. Before you feel bad for him (again), please note that he was sitting in his chair repeating the word over and over like his name was Pierre.

My final word of the week was “nutate” which means several things, one of which is to nod your head. Nutate if you’ve heard this word before. Anyone? Me either. But you can bet I will be using it more often now. I laugh every time I say it. Why? Because I’m annoying. And now you’re all nutating. (Interesting side note – spell check wants to change that to “mutating” – now you’re all “mutating”).

Week 3 begins today and I’m cleaning out the medicine cabinet tonight! Do Band-Aids expire..?

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