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Ok, if you don’t get the Stepbrothers reference in the title there, I want you to STOP. right. now. and go watch the movie. The entire thing. For those of you that DO get the reference, no, I did not turn my bed into bunk beds, but I definitely made room for lots of activities!

The biggest goal I had this week was to clean out my closet. Well, not all of it, just the clothes and shoes. Which is basically all of it. I mean Dan has a few things, but let’s be serious – the closet is mine.


Tangent: Dan asked me the other day about getting a 3rd dresser for the bedroom because he was running out of space for clothes. We’re running out of space for dressers too, so I asked him what he needed room for and then pointed out that there IS one tiny, open space on the top shelf of the closet that I haven’t claimed. The other day I noticed 5 long-sleeved shirts in this empty spot and I turned them sideways to make even more room for him to put some other clothes there. When I showed him this he said “oh, that’s fine, I don’t need anymore room, I’m done.” Ok, whaaaat? We were gonna buy a new dresser for those 5 shirts up there?! Boys.

At the beginning of the week, I made an appointment at Plum Consignment because I knew that it would motivate me to clean out the clothes and give stuff away, especially if I would be making money for them. Turns out I am more of a stereotypical Jewish person than the actual Jewish person in our household. Is that okay to say? Well, regardless, it worked. Here is an “after” picture of the closet:


There are way less clothes in there, I swear, but you have to look at the hangers and the top shelf to notice.


And here are the bags of stuff that I’m consigning to make money for shiny, new things!


I also tackled the medicine cabinet last week. Or rather, it tackled me. It’s not unusual for an expired box of throat lozenges and Band-Aids to fall out when we’re trying to get to the toothpaste. I fixed it up real nice though, and I’m actually planning to take a trip to The Container Store soon to get one of these little magnetic things to tidy it up even more.


The last thing I cleaned out was all of my books. I thought this one was going to be painful, but it wasn’t so bad. I don’t know why I even buy books because I only read them once and then they sit on a shelf for years and years. The library would probably save me a lot of money.


I cleaned out a ton of them and have another trip to a consignment shop planned. Now there is a big empty spot on the top shelf for me to fill by buying new books. What? I’m a girl. I’m not supposed to make sense.

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