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I’m starting to get confused about the weeks because I just picked for week #5, but I’m still in the middle of week #4, and I have something to say about week #3. Wait and see what kind of fun this will be when we get to week #37.

Week #5 is…..Make Every Meal at Home – No Eating Out! I cried a little when I picked this one today. Not only do we not have any food in the house right now, but I despise food shopping and I like to play a little game where I see how long I can go without doing it. I also have plans from now until Wednesday, making it a little difficult to find the time to get to the grocery store and start this one for Wednesday’s breakfast.

Don’t Complain week is going to be a nightmare. Oops, is that complaining? Good thing it’s not Don’t Complain week yet!


So I need your help, Internet Friends & Family. I have a few recipes I’ve been wanting to try on Springpad, but I need some ideas to help me drive by Starbucks in the morning (more tears) and quick things to grab for lunches during the work week. Please share your ideas with me in the comments!

Now let’s time travel back to the present. Week #4. It’s going well. I’m signed up for a CPR/First Aid class on February 21st, so please don’t get injured in my company until then or I will probably just say “OMG” a lot and cover my eyes.


I also just bought myself a new camera, one with lenses and ISO and aperture and more things that I don’t understand, so I will be taking a class in Cambridge with Dan on that also. And because I feel the need to be valedictorian of this whole class resolution thing, I’ve also checked out some of MIT’s free online classes, as well as signed up for a barre class Tuesday night.

Lastly, I brought to the consignment store a bunch of books from week #something (3?) and got $54 for them! Resolutions are awesome.

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    • I’m a freak of nature and don’t like chicken or pork or turkey or seafood, which I probably should have mentioned up above. Whoops! I’m checking out your Pinterest page now though and I bet I can substitute tofu or hamburger for some things! The ham, egg, & cheese bake looks delicious! Thank you 🙂