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I picked my first resolution this morning! I kept telling myself that if I made it up until midnight, I could pick then. Guess who passed out somewhere in the neighborhood of 11:35? Right on the corner of Old Lady and Staying Up Late Isn’t Fun Anymore streets.

I wish I could do something suspenseful or play a drum roll before I tell you my first resolution. How about this – scroll down and look at all these pictures of dogs with wigs, and that will effectively (?) waste some time before I reveal my pick!



Week #1 is to Learn More About History! Ta-da!


This should be interesting because it was my least favorite subject all through school. I even got a C in it once! Gulp.

7 Comments on [Resolutions] – Week 1 Pick

  1. How do you intend to accomplish this? What’s the game plan on this one?! The people need to know!

    • Haha you will have to check back at the end of the week when I post all about what I did! I do plan on watching a lot of The History Channel though 😉

  2. Netflix has a ton of History. One of my favorites is National Parks. Makes me want to visit many. Could be a future vaca for you too

  3. Girl, if you need help on history, let me know! I am OBSESSED with history, I was actually considering a career in history or art history however that was slashed when I found out one need a PhD in it. I have a couple of book suggestions if you want.

    • I’m actually looking for a Kindle book right now! I figure I only have 1 week, so I’m going to do a book, some documentaries, and a museum. I kind of wanted the book to be something about the Presidents and some little-known facts, or some kind of “secrets” of history stuff. Any suggestions on that?

      If you’re not busy Sunday, you’re welcome to join for the museum. I’ll send you the info if you’re interested!

      • Ok. I’m one of the few people whol adore history in depth but there is a fun side of history! Some book suggestions: sex with The queen or sex with kings, any books by Michael Farquhar. If you want to do science history I really love immortal life of Henrietta lacks (hela).
        What museums are you thinking?