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I just found this great site and I have to share! I was reading through some of the deals that other bloggers had posted today and of course I stopped at one that advertised $12 for 2 movie tickets.

Wait, can we insert the sound of screeching tires here? Because I know Dan is like “you don’t even LIKE good movies!”, or “you can’t even stay awake/sit still for a movie!” To which I say “you don’t even like chocolate!!”


But somehow we do still find ourselves at the movies a lot. And occasionally there is a horror movie, or a silly comedy, or sometimes even an action movie that I do want to see. So I jumped on this deal and bought us 4 movie tickets for $24. Not bad, eh?


The site is called Moolala and I’m really liking it! Not only can you get great deals, but you earn 2% back from every deal you purchase. AND if you refer someone, you get 2% of every deal THEY purchase, as well as 2% of every deal that their own referrals purchase. So if your friend’s uncle’s sister’s dog’s grandmother buys a deal, you still earn 2%. The math is crazy.


In a good way.

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