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Well, just like Week 6’s resolution was thought up with my mom in mind, Week 8’s is going to make Dan very happy.


This week I have to Watch More Movies. I do enjoy the fact that “more” is a relative term though, and since right now I watch about zero movies per week, if I sit down and watch one movie with Dan, I’d say the week was a success.

It’s not that I don’t like movies. I do. It’s just that I also have some form of undiagnosed ADD where I can’t sit still for a whole 97 minutes without thinking about what else I could/should be doing. If I see a movie in the theater, it kind of eliminates this problem, so I prefer to watch movies this way.

When I’m not ADD-ing all over the apartment, I’m falling asleep in the middle of movies. I think the thought process is something like: “Fine, if you think I’m going to sit here without moving/cleaning/eating/reading/discovering all of the wonderful things the internet has to offer, then I’m just going to STOP doing ANYTHING and go to sleep right now.” Seriously, it’s the best cure for insomnia. Throw in a DVD and just the mere sight of that little play arrow icon will put me to sleep in minutes.


This week is going to be a little challenging because there are not many nights where I’m home and without plans, so we are going to have to find some clever ways to sneak in these movies (read: THE movie). Do you have any suggestions for movies that I should watch?? I like comedy, horror, thrillers, and some dramas if they’re not too weepy or full of elderly folks. For reference, some of my faves are Billy Madison, Halloween, Paranormal Activity, Silver Linings Playbook, Horrible Bosses, and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. What are your favorites? I’ll try to check them out!


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