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I’ve been waiting for this week! I’ve started to forget what many of my weekly resolutions were, but this one I knew was still in there and I’ve been hoping each week that I would pick it.


Week 9’s goal is to find a pen pal! Is that one word or two? Spell check doesn’t really care.

I want to make sure that the pen pal I find is:

  1. not someone I already know
  2. not in the United States, or if they ARE from the United States, they’re at least from a state that I’ve never been to
  3. not creepy
  4. interested in sending actual snail mail, handwritten letters instead of emails
  5. not going to use my address to hunt me down and make clothing out of my skin (see #3 above)


Do any of you have pen pals? Have you ever had one?  When I was younger, I used to write to a girl from New Zealand. Her name was Helen and she sent me a pin in the shape of a kiwi (the bird not the fruit).

If you have any pen pal stories, or advice on where to find one, send them to me!

p.s. Does trying to stay awake during The Oscars tonight count as watching a movie?

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