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Last night I picked a new slip of paper out of the Resolutions Jar because I have trouble waiting until Sunday like I’m supposed to. My mom is going to LOVE this one.


My newest resolution is to Wear My Seatbelt! I know I know I KNOW. But listen. If you ask me why I never wear my seatbelt, I’ll say something about how I don’t want to be decapitated in an accident, or get stuck underwater when I drive into a lake and OH MY GOD I can’t unbuckle my seatbelt and I’m going to drown!! That’s not entirely true though. I mean, I don’t want any of those things to happen, but the real reason I never wear my seatbelt is because I just don’t even think of it when I get in the car.

I somehow managed to end up with the only car on the planet that does not beep, ding, chime, or slap me in the face if I don’t put my seatbelt on. I also don’t have a dashboard light that comes on if I’m not wearing it. In fact, I’m not sure I have a dashboard light for anything because I’ve been lower than empty on gas and my car just keeps on going all blissfully unaware. Because of those things, and the fact that it’s never been a habit for me, I just don’t think of putting my seatbelt on when I get into the car and it drives my poor mother crazy.


So for this week, I’m going to tape a little reminder to my steering wheel and wear my seatbelt every day. They (who?) say it takes 7 times for something to become a habit, right? So by the end of the week, I should be a seatbelt-wearer for life!

Moving on to an update on Week 5 and NO EATING OUT! I’ve cooked quite a few new recipes at home already and I haven’t eaten a single meal out. What you see below does NOT count because it’s not a meal, but I will delete all evidence of ever having said that once this week is over.


And honestly, I might frame that one.

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