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This week was hard.

Doesn’t that sound ridiculous? My hardest week so far was not cleaning out my apartment, or giving up something, or making all my meals at home, or being patient. No, my hardest week is watching a movie or two. If I were typing this on Twitter, I think the #firstworldprobs hashtag would probably be really appropriate right here.


Wednesday night Dan and I sat down and watched Hitchcock, which I really thought I would like because I love horror movies, Psycho, and Anthony Hopkins. I found it to be kind of slow though. Maybe that’s because I expected it to have more to do with the making of Psycho than with his personal life, but it was just…I don’t know…boring? I watched the entire thing in one sitting (!!!!) though, if you don’t count the few times I checked my phone, Facebook, and the time left on the movie.


We were busy Thursday and Friday, so the next available opportunity for movie-watching was Saturday morning. I scrolled through the Xfinity On Demand menu looking for something good and recognized the title American Graffiti. I had no idea what it was about, but I thought it was supposed to be somewhat of a classic, so I got comfy on the couch and started the movie. I may have lasted 10 minutes before I turned it off and gave up on movies for the day. It was just SO annoying. The high school boys and their cars and everyone talking about going steady and making fun of the token nerdy kid. I was hoping for more of a story than that, and maybe it eventually gets there, but I couldn’t sit still to find out.


Sunday night I was home in time for The Oscars, but decided not to spend 3.5 hours of my life watching an awards show where I only care about 1 movie, so instead I opted to spend 1.5 hours watching a different movie. Turns out I may have made better life choices than this one. For one, Win Win was terrible and shouldn’t be described as a “comedy” because that implies funny. Second, I had been out all day shopping with my mom and was exhausted, so since movies are like sleeping pills to me, I was out like a light by 8:30. And finally, I missed this:

Could my girl-crush get any bigger? Oh. Oh wait. Yes, it can. Because then I saw this:

Where were we? Oh yeah, the movie I didn’t watch.

Tuesday I knew I had some serious cramming to do if I was going to make this thing happen. I had the day off from work, so before I even got out of bed in the morning, I grabbed my tablet and started watching Drive on Netflix. And I liked it! There were some awkward pauses and silences, and I wondered if Ryan Gosling’s character maybe had some learning disability or something and they just weren’t saying, but overall it was a decent story and it kept me interested. And not because of Ryan Gosling, because I think he looks like a weasel.

Yellow Mongoose

{source} & {source}

I mean, right??

The plan was to go see Side Effects that night, which would have been TWO movies in ONE day, but the plan fell through. The good news is that there will be more movie watching this week because we still intend to see Side Effects. I also have decided to re-watch or re-read all of Dan Brown’s The Davinci Code series before his new book comes out in May, so I grabbed this at the library yesterday:


But I did get a back up plan…


Just in case.

2 Comments on [Resolutions] – Roll the Credits on Week 8!

  1. You just crack me up!! You missed your calling…find a job in journalism…the public would ALWAYS be smiling. Love you favorite daughter <3

    • I would love to! Maybe when I grow up…

      Also, I won’t tell your other daughters you said that I’m your favorite 😉