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So the first day of Week 6 I’m driving home from work and get about a mile from my apartment when I realize I have not worn my seatbelt all day. Apparently a resolution, a blog post, a little reminder on a piece of paper, and an inherent desire to be the best at everything was not going to make me remember to put on my seatbelt.


The next morning I stuck this on my (very dusty) dashboard and I’m happy to report (to my Mom) that I’ve worn my seat belt every day since then. I also just learned, just NOW, that seat belt is two words. Who knew?! I apologize to those of you that did know and have cringed every time I’ve written “seatbelt” for the last week.

I notice that it still hasn’t become a habit yet, though. I still have to look at that little piece of paper before I remember, but I don’t want to live my life with little sticky notes placed all over (right, like I don’t already do that), so I’m going to try to find something a bit more inconspicuous to put in its place. Something cute, but unexpected, so that when I get in the car I’m like “why is there a tiny puppy sitting on Bradley Cooper’s lap licking an ice cream cone?!” Oh, right, it’s to make me wear my seat belt.


Actually, now that I think about it, that might be MORE dangerous because I will probably never look at the road again.

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