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Happy Easter! Or as I like to call it, Eatster. Because that’s all I did all weekend and it was wonderful.


I pulled a resolution from the jar and am kind of excited-slash-scared for this one. Week 14 I will have to Do An Arts & Crafts Project!


I love doing crafty things, but I have piles of half-finished projects in my apartment. Maybe the goal for the week will be to finish one of those and also start (and finish!) a new project. I was thinking I could make myself a new pair of earrings, or a necklace. Or maybe I could check Pinterest for some ideas, but I frequently leave that site wanting to redecorate my entire place while online shopping for clothes and baking cakes inside of cakes.


Try New Foods week is going well! I’ve tried a bunch of new recipes that I will share with you on Wednesday! I may have also tried a few new beverages. Adult ones…


Because gosh darn it, if I have to be an adult, I’m going to drink like one.

4 Comments on [Resolutions] – Getting Crafty for Week 14

    • I know, it’s crazy! Sounds like we’ve both been sticking to them and having fun though! Can’t wait to hear about your date next weekend 😉

  1. Yo mang, U eva heards of dis fiiiiiiiiiinne product calleds the Neat Receipts? Itz totally the awesome sauce! If you dont already haz dat dope piece u should get yo fiiiiiiinnnee self dat. Do u haz piles and piles of junk in the trunk? I bet you does! Wit dis you scan in all that papayas layin around and keep for-eva, like fosheezy! Like save mad space yo! Hugh Janus, OUT.

    • Hugh,
      I do have Neat Receipts, but more importantly, why is it that you bet I does haz junk in the trunk?! And why are there all these papayas laying around?

      Jacques Strapp