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I normally only post Resolutions on Wednesdays and Sundays, but this was too cool not to share. Also, I can’t stop talking about it, so before any of my human friends and family want to shove a sock in my mouth, I figured I should bring the story to my internet friends and see if they will listen.

Remember when I sent that package to the airman in Afghanistan last week?


As the website suggested, I included a 1-paged (front and back) letter with it that had my email address on the bottom.

He wrote back today!!! With pictures!!!

I could not be more excited. What a great surprise! Here is an excerpt from the email. I call it an excerpt but really it’s just about the entire email because I can’t seem to leave any of it out.

I wanted to email you personally and thank you for the wonderful gift of both the items you sent and of your time. The guys deeply appreciated the margarita drink mixes lol. It was a thoughtful way of buying 10 of us a drink!! I have included a few photos of the team here. We are not all from a single unit but instead each selected and many volunteered for the opportunity to come here as Advisors for the Afghan Air Force in our respective career fields. We have two aircraft that we support here. The C-208 cargo aircraft that is a modified single engine Cessna that gives them small limited transport capability and the Russian Mi-17 helicopter. After a three week familiarization class on it our experts assist them in maintaining and flying these aircraft focusing on building their ability to take over the mission of maintaining them in the long run. It is a great mission!

I come from a small town in Kansas and my exposure to other culture was minimal until I joined the AF and it has become one of the greatest experiences to immerse myself in a new culture and enjoy its oddities. For hobbies…I am a professional SCUBA diver so I enjoy traveling or living where I can take advantage of warm water and exploring the underwater world. I have been hundreds of feet back into caverns in FL, dove the remote islands off of Okinawa Japan, dove a German Sub from WW2, spent time with Whale Sharks, Sand Tiger Sharks, Carribean Reef Sharks, and many other crazy creatures that exist under the surface. I also do underwater photography to capture the amazing things I get to see. Other hobbies are snow boarding, sky diving, rock climbing and anything else that reminds me I am alive with a little danger lol

Again, thank you for taking the time to be an amazing supporter of the great Americans I have the fortune to lead. You are always welcome to check up on us here and see how things are going.

I think it’s really amazing that he took the time not only to thank me but to share some things about himself and his team as well. Also, I’m pretty sure this officially counts as a penpal now.

Here are some of the pictures that he included:


Those are two of the Mi-17s that his group maintains.

442 group

Real life GI-Joes!

So exciting!!! I can’t wait to write back!!

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  1. How cool is that?! You must feel great that you made a difference in someone’s life half around the world. Y’know why I love YOU? Because you’re YOU!!!

    Enjoying this blog so much, even when I don’t get to read it daily, I eventually catch up. You have an amazing way with words…inspiring, creative, and all around enjoyable to read. Keep up the good work!

    • Aww thank you Pammy 🙂 It was pretty cool. A few other friends are planning on doing it now too! It was pretty neat to hear about the mission where he helps the Afghans learn to maintain the copters since I don’t usually think of our troops helping others over there – too used to hearing of them as our enemy!