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Quite possibly my favorite week yet. I’m really enjoying most of these resolutions because it’s giving me the push I need to finish a bunch of projects that have been on my to do list for about….infinity? Infinity weeks.

Neither Dan nor I have ever been to California, so we’ve always talked about heading out west for a vacation. When we first started planning it, we looked at LA, San Francisco, AND San Diego. For a week’s vacation. You know how in cartoons when a computer or a robot gets overloaded it starts shaking uncontrollably and eventually starts steaming and blows up? That’s just about what happened to me.

Now that we’ve narrowed down the trip to just San Francisco, it’s a lot more manageable. It’s also a lot cheaper, especially since Dan has a cousin there who is serving as our tour guide, airport shuttle, and hotel for a few days (thank you!!!!!!). I’m really looking forward to this trip because for once we won’t have to stand in line at Customs, calculate exchange rates, or figure out how to communicate with people back home.

We have a lot of things we want to see while we’re there, including the Redwoods, Pixar Studios, the Disney Family Museum, The Golden Gate Bridge (of course), and Alcatraz. Can someone please notice the fact that I managed to type that entire sentence without mentioning Ghiradelli?


So Week 10 is essentially complete – plane tickets have been booked, Alcatraz tour has been reserved, and we even have someone to watch the brats.


I mean cats.

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