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So this post is going up a little later in the day than usual, but we have been out celebrating.


I did pick my resolution for the coming week however. My goal will be to Learn Something New. Since I already did a week where I had to take some classes (2 of which were cancelled due to $#%& – that 4 letter word starts with ‘s’ and falls from the sky), I’d like to learn a different way this time.

2013-03-17 20.44.26

Here are some of my ideas:

  1. Since the camera class we wanted to take was cancelled, I bought a book to teach myself about my new camera instead. That was probably about a month ago and I haven’t opened it yet. This week will give me reason to sit down and do that.
  2. Have Dan teach me Photoshop. Kind of depends on how #1 goes.
  3. Find someone with a manual transmission and see if they will give me a lesson?
  4. Learn how to use WordPress (via the internet, videos, and books) so that I can eventually move this blog over.
  5. ?????

Do you have an idea for me? Something you would be willing to teach me a few things about? Leave them in the comments and I will let you know what I choose!

p.s. Think Positively week? It’s going very negatively.

4 Comments on [Resolutions] – What Will Week 12 Teach Me?

    • I actually taught myself how to do that a few years ago, but I haven’t attempted anything in a while! I’m sure I would need a “refresher” course at this point! 😉

    • There are actually 2 versions of wordpress – and The latter is similar to what I’m using now (Weebly) and I do really like it because it’s simple and easy to use. But I’m noticing that I’m limited with what I can do, so I want to switch to the version, which is like Chinese to me. Lots of html, plug-ins, web hosting, etc. We will see how it goes I guess!