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This week was good! As in “tasty”. As in I tried new foods AND had cake four times. Ha, that last part is a lie. I had cake six  times. Four different cakes.  We should probably move on from the cake because I could talk about this all day.


Are you surprised that only one cake lasted long enough to be photographed? No? You must have read this blog before.

I kicked off this week by meeting a friend for dinner, and although we didn’t try a new restaurant, and I only had a salad, we did try some new drinks. Mine had Snap Liquor (which I still have no idea about, but am too lazy to Google), rum, and ginger beer. It may have been a bit more of a manly drink than I wanted, but it was ok. A little on the strong side, but also slightly sweet.


That other one is Citron, soda water, and lime. Much less “manly” but much less calories also.

Then I decided to make kale chips. And then I gagged. Seriously, I hated them. I was so excited to try them because everyone else seems to have the opposite set of taste buds from mine and I’ve heard several times how good these were. I just couldn’t get into crunchy green stuff. I may have overcooked them a bit, but in no way would these ever replace potato chips for me.


The next night we had mashed garlic cauliflower and I liked that one a whoooooole lot better! In fact, I may have let an expletive slip out when I first tasted them and they ACTUALLY TASTED LIKE MASHED $#%@& POTATOES!! I used Laughing Cow Swiss instead of cream cheese and left out the butter. They were delicious!



Next up were the lentil “meat”balls. I was afraid to get too excited when they looked like actual meatballs in the oven (I baked them), but they tasted pretty close to the real deal! In fact, I liked them better than “real” meatballs and I’m sure I will be making them again.



Wait a minute, that doesn’t look right. Something’s missing.


That’s better.

I decided to try a new-ish restaurant on my lunch break this week. I say new-ish because it’s been open for a while now, but the one time Dan and I went in, we walked right back out because the menu freaked him out a bit. It is a little earthy-crunchy (do other people understand this phrase?) but I picked out a wrap and a smoothie and both were delicious! I would definitely go back, although maybe only on paydays because it is a bit on the pricey side for lunch.


So there you have it! New drinks, new foods, new recipes, and new restaurants. I think this week was a definite success! Actually, any week where I can eat cake eight times is always a success. I mean six times. Or six times three. Whatever.

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    • It was Life Alive! I thought of you! I would go back sometime. My smoothie was delicious – I got the Elvis smoothie, and then the Sufi Poet wrap with cheese. Very good!