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What the….? Is this really Wednesday? Did another entire week go by already? I’m not sure how Time does it, but it seems to know exactly when I have an extended weekend, so it speeds up to make sure that weekend doesn’t actually feel any longer than normal. Where are you when I’m sitting in the doctor’s office waiting room, Time?


Anyway. I’m going to keep this quick because I feel a little uncomfortable posting about myself when so many bigger things are going on right now.

I managed to save a bit of money this week by doing a few different things:

  1. Cancelled a membership to a website I subscribed to for $10/month (and no it did not have “xxx” in the name).
  2. Cancelled my Birchbox subscription. I have loved almost all of my Birchboxes, but I’m all sampled out right now and I can’t use them as fast as they are coming, so I stopped it for now. That’s another $10/month saved.
  3. Won my NCAA bracket. Is that ok to say on the internet? Gambling is bad, don’t do it. Unless you win, and then it’s great because I put 20% of it towards my student loan payment and another 15% in my savings account.


Even though I’ve saved, my cell phone bill has actually increased the $20/month that I am now saving. So it’s kind of a wash, but I’m also thinking of cancelling my gym membership and selling my Nintendo Wii. Some expenses are always going to increase, and some will decrease, but I think as long as I consciously make an effort to save, spend wisely, and prioritize debt, I will be just fine.

For this week, I’ve chosen to take the $20 that I saved by #1 and #2 above and donate to this fund that will help the families affected by Monday’s tragedy . I know it’s not much, but I feel like it’s of better use to someone this way than if I was to spend it myself.



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