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New week, new resolution. They’re just flying by now. This week I have to Donate Time and/or Money.


Last week I donated to the One Fund for Boston, which has now raised over $26 million dollars! $9 million of that is from public donations alone. Pretty amazing. I’m debating donating to a different charity for this week, but I do want a Boston Strong t-shirt or hat, so if I can find one where I can verify that the funds are used to help Boston, I may consider this same cause.

I also want to donate some time, even if it doesn’t end up being this week. A few years ago I did Habitat for Humanity with my mom and one of my best friends, and I would love to do it again. I’m open to other suggestions though, so if anyone knows of a fun, rewarding, and local place to volunteer for a day, please let me know!

That’s us in this picture apparently taken for ants! I’m the one with black holes for eyes because I always forget to take my sunglasses off for pictures.

Also, um…Kel, what are you doing this Saturday? 😉

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