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I totally got my Martha Stewart on this week.


I knew I wanted to make a necklace, but I’ve been trying to do more than one thing each week, if possible, so I needed a second craft. I took a walk through Michael’s looking for ideas and…well, no, that’s not entirely how that went. I intended to take a walk through Michael’s looking for ideas, but once I got inside it went more like this:

“OMG what cute scrapbooking paper! I need some of that even though I don’t ever print my photos anymore! I wonder if they have matching stickers? Oh, of course they do! And these fuzzy puppy ones are cute, I bet I will use those for something. Ooooo flowers, I could make a centerpiece. Holy crap, this is a lot of baskets, I think I needed a few of these for…holding things? This yarn would make an awesome scarf if I could just remember how to knit. Actually, did I ever really know how to knit? Wait, is this glitter paint?? I’ll take 5.”


Then I walked by these:


And here is where my secret inner cat lady comes out. Actually, it’s not very inner. Or secret. But humor me. I was thinking that since they both seem to love birds to the point that I’m almost afraid the little one might hurt himself one of these days with the noises he makes, why not put one of these on our balcony so that at 5am when I’m trying to sleep they can be all “OMG birdz!” instead of “Mum, ken we stealz yer thingz and jump on yer face?”

I’m really sorry for that entire sentence.


Soooo…I made a birdhouse. I actually really like how it came out. They seem to be enjoying it also, although I haven’t seen an actual bird in there yet, so maybe they’re just confused by the cutout on the front?


Last night I started making the necklace that I had bought supplies for. I wanted something fairly simple, and it needed to be black because I’m constantly looking for a black pendant necklace in my jewelry box only to realize that I still don’t have one.

I bought a few different styles of beads that I thought looked nice together, but I wasn’t really loving how it was turning out.


Side note: That is not my skin, or anyone’s skin, it’s my bathroom floor. It doesn’t look like creepy, plasticy skin when I’m in there, but it does in photographs apparently.

I love love LOVE the pendant and the simple silver chain. I like the little black balls too even though they make this sentence highly inappropriate. I just didn’t like the curvy silver things that I attached between them. They don’t really fit and they make everything hang awkwardly, so I’m going to remove them and see if I can find something else to put in their place.

I’ll make sure to update when I have a finished product, but for now, another Martha Stewart joke:


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