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So, it looks like Week 15 is going to help pay for my MBA! This week’s resolution is to Save Money & Pay Off Debt.


I realize this may make some people want to smack me, but the only debt I have is my student loan for my graduate degree. My car has been paid off for years, although I’m pretty sure a new one will be necessary soon. I don’t have a mortgage, nor do I want one, and I pay my credit card bills off every month. This is mostly because I’m really cheap and don’t like to spend a lot to begin with.

I’m pretty good at saving already, but it will be really great to put some extra money towards those loans. You know, those loans for that degree that I’m not even using right now? The one that cost more than double any car I’ve ever bought in my life?


But I can put together a damn good PowerPoint presentation, and that’s worth something, right?

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