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As much as it sounds like someone else might be typing this, I have to admit I’ve been looking forward to pulling this resolution.


This week I’m going to have to Work Out Every Day.

I hate working out. I’ve been known to skip fitness classes that I’ve already paid for, or walk out during them, and I often drive right past the gym , ending up at the nearest frozen yogurt place instead. If someone gave me the option of working on Saturdays in exchange for never having to work out again, I’d have to consider it. In fact, I’d probably agree to it. I might also ask to work on Sundays if it meant being able to continue eating the froyo as a meal.

I think you’re getting the picture.

I need this resolution, and you guys, to hold me accountable. If I know I have to report back to you, I am much more likely to wrestle the steering wheel to the right and end up in the gym parking lot rather than Orange Leaf. At that point, after such a grueling workout, I won’t even need to go inside.


Is that Darth Vader in my spoon?

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