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I’ve probably mentioned this two or three or nineteen times recently, but we’re leaving for California on Wednesday, so I was reaaaallllly hoping for an easy resolution this week. And it would appear that I’ve gotten one! I think?

This week I have to Do Something Daring!


That picture is from a trip to Vegas with my mom and that’s me hanging over the side of the Stratosphere some 866 feet in the air. No big deal.

Actually, this video isn’t mine, and I’m not in it, but it shows the ride much better than my photo does:

It was actually probably one of the biggest adrenaline rushes of my life, although that kid behind me probably doesn’t remember it that way. Once I saw his face in the photo, I had to buy it and frame it.

Last year Dan and I went to Costa Rica and zip lined through the rainforest, rappelled down a waterfall, and got dropped about 30 feet (on a line) into a pool of water below us. It was pretty amazing and SO. much. fun!

So it’s kind of fitting that I’m about to head out on another vacation and need to find something daring to do. I’m not sure what San Francisco has to offer in terms of adventure, or what we will have time to do, but I will be on the lookout for something!

Just in case I don’t find something on my trip, I need a few ideas of things that might be “daring” to do when I return. What would you consider “daring”? Doesn’t have to be adventurous or risky, it could be anything out of the ordinary that requires either a little bit of bravery or a lot of stupidity! If this were your resolution, what would YOU do?

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