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I always get to the end of a resolution week and feel like I’m unhappy with how it turned out, but then I think about it and how I did actually accomplish what my goal was, and then I just want to take that 2nd x-chromosome out of me and replace it with a y-chromosome so that I didn’t worry so much about doing everything ever. Like, did you know that if I don’t do all of my chores, errands, proj[‘P;-548/ects, etc. on Friday night, then by Sunday the whole world is going to implode and I will not survive because my sheets haven’t been washed yet and the bathroom floor is dirty??


And yes, it’s exhausting being me.

So anyway, I did donate money this week and I tried to donate time, but it didn’t work out as planned. It will most likely happen. soon, but since summer is coming, weekends are starting to fill up quickly. I know my resolution was to Donate Time and/or Money, so I did accomplish it, but I would have liked to do both time and money, so I will keep pursuing that and give you an update in a later post!

Here’s what I did do:

I donated some money to a friend who is doing the Relay for Life, which ultimately goes to the American Cancer Society.


I shared a page on my Facebook for a charity (The Neal O’Brien Jr. Love Is Magic Foundation) that a good friend recently got involved with. They are looking to get more exposure, and it’s a really great story, so feel free to “like” or share the page yourself.



That same charity also has an annual fundraiser coming up in November, and another friend suggested looking into this to see if they have an auction of some sort. If they do, I could donate a few photographs to be auctioned off and raise money for them. Believe me, I know my photos are nowhere near good enough to do this yet, but I have a few months to get to know my camera a little better and try to get a few good shots. If not, I could always help out at the event itself.


Dan and I also went into Boston over the weekend to take some pictures of the memorial site, and we purposely ate lunch at one of the restaurants on Boylston Street that was affected by the marathon bombing. A lot of these places suffered financially from being shut down during the investigation and cleanup, so the city is encouraging people to go there and spend some money to keep these places open and thriving. I had no problem doing my share by having chocolatey, peanut buttery deliciousness for lunch.


Mm hmm, lunch. Not a typo.

The final thing I had tried to do was volunteer at a local homeless shelter. A friend and I contacted them about going in on Saturday to help people with paperwork and resumes, but it ended up being the same Saturday that an American Idol contestant was coming to town for a parade. Between that and the nice weather that day, no one was really at the shelter, so we are hoping to reschedule for a different time.

If the world hasn’t ended by then. But I’m washing my sheets now, so we should all be ok.

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