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Why do I almost feel creepy writing letters? It seems like such a quirky thing to do when most people are just emailing or texting or chatting online. Well, 3 people might find me slightly creepier this week than they did last week, but 2 of them don’t know it yet. Of the 3 letters that I wrote, only 1 has been mailed out!

The first letter was sent to a high school friend who lives about 20 minutes away from me. She was honestly the FIRST person I thought of when I pulled this resolution out of the jar. We used to leave letters and other fun things in each other’s lockers, and somewhere around here I still have some of our “locker mail” including a pretty elaborate book she put together for me. I vaguely remember a funny poem about the time I slipped on ice and ripped my favorite pants. I think I’m using the term “poem” loosely here, but then again, I never understood poetry.


The next letter was more of a card, but since my resolution was to send letters, we’re going to call it a letter. Tomaytoh/tomahtoh. Yeah, no idea how to write that, but I hope you all get what I’m saying.

The letter-card was to my mechanic. I know, weird. But they seriously made my day last week when I took my car in for what I was expecting to be a $1000 job and they fixed it for free! They’ve also fixed my headlight free before, and they’re always very honest about what repairs I actually need and if it can be done cheaper some other way. I think at this point, you’re going back to the beginning of this paragraph to make sure I really said “mechanic” because, let’s face it, that is not common. Amiright?


The last letter was to Dan, who had no idea I wrote him anything until this very moment. In fact, he still doesn’t really know because I left it in his underwear drawer this morning and I didn’t tell him that until right now either. Just a test to make sure you’re reading, wink wink.

And that you’re wearing underwear.

2 Comments on [Resolutions] – Week 19 Signed, Sealed, Delivered (well almost)

  1. Hey Nicole – You aren’t creepy, and your letter made my day! I still love getting “snail mail”. I’d love to see the old locker mail if you still have it – too funny! 🙂