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Oh hey, guess what? It’s Wednesday! The day I’ve been posting a recap of my resolutions for 21 weeks straight. Except this Wednesday, I almost forgot to post this. I don’t think I had any idea it was Wednesday until maybe a few hours ago. I blame jet lag, a 4-day week, stress, car shopping, exhaustion, old age, clowns, and the entire 97 or so minutes of “November Rain” because what the…?


So this week I was supposed to do something daring, but I think the most daring thing I’ve done is stay awake past 7:00 tonight. We came back Monday night from a GREAT great great trip to California, but our sleep schedules still haven’t gone back to normal. Getting up at 5:00am the last two days certainly hasn’t helped, but we’ve been making do with one car since mine took up smoking while we were away. It’s on the patch now and doing ok, but I’m still staging an intervention soon with the help of a Hyundai or maybe a Mazda.

Despite the headaches associated with our return, San Francisco was amazing and we had a blast! I’m not going to tell you how many pictures we took between the two of us, but there were 2176. Yeah, that really happened.





There weren’t many “daring” things for me to do while we were there, unless you count riding down this hill in a trolley that seemed as sturdy as a wooden roller coaster.


I think you can probably tell if someone is from San Francisco or not by studying the size of their calf muscles. Those hills!!


But they make for really great views.


And there are plenty of ways to cancel out all of that exercise.


So all in all, it was a really nice week and one of our favorite vacations, but I don’t feel like I did anything daring. Surprisingly for me, I don’t feel guilty about this one. There is just so much going on this week, but I’m keeping this one on the back burner for now while I consider a tattoo of the Boston skyline, and maybe I will make it to that Zumba class this week. By myself. With both of my left feet. Eeek.

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