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I’m not sure if Dan is going to be happy or terrified about this one. This week I’m going to Do Something Together With Dan Every Day.


I’m hoping happy? Actually, I’m hoping “happy” at the beginning of the week and still “happy” at the end of it. Or I’ll take “only moderately sick of me”.

Plus it’s summer, and my week will include a holiday and a family party, so it should be really easy to do this. I’m thinking a movie, a walk after work, going out to eat, doing each other’s makeup, checking out some 4th of July fireworks. Heh. I snuck one in there. Don’t worry, Dan, we won’t really watch a movie.

But if we do, I bet you will look really pretty.

2 Comments on [Resolutions] – 2gether 4eva…or at Least for a Week.

  1. I should have picked that challenge too! I love that idea! Plus, I bet Dan would look very pretty with makeup! 😉