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Another week done. Do I say that every week? Eh, well, we all know I like routines!

I think I did ok this week with veering from the routines and the lists and the stressing. There really wasn’t much of a test, although a few things happened that were a bit…un-routine?

First, on Saturday we decided to go to a food truck festival. We didn’t buy tickets ahead of time because we were just going to Go With the Flow and see if we wanted to go once the time came. That actually makes no sense to me now because, hello! when do I ever NOT want to go to a food truck festival?! Grilled cheese made in the back of a painted van? Sign me right up!


Alas, it was not meant to be. We got there about 40 minutes before it closed for the day and it took almost that long to find a parking space. Or rather, not find a parking space. So we turned around, came home, and went out to eat at a local Mexican place instead. I will admit that I didn’t deal very well with the parking situation, but we did end up saving the day with a really great meal that still had plenty of cheese.

On Tuesday, I planned to come home from work and get a few things done at home. I was just going to cook myself some pasta, but then Dan decided he wanted to go to Panera instead. And then shop for new glasses. And then pick up some things at Walmart. My first instinct was to be like, “No way, dude. I have a plan for my night and if I unplan it now, bad things will happen.” But then I remembered it was Go With the Flow week.

We went to Panera. It was delicious.

I made significantly less lists this week and I didn’t really forget anything major. Although now that it’s Wednesday, I’m back to list-making. I just feel more comfortable when things are written down and out of my head. I don’t need to live by my lists, but I do still like to make them.

I also noticed that Dan and I didn’t argue about any chores this past weekend. Most of them still got done, and we had time for fun things as well. But if he ever brings this up in a future debate over chores, I will deny deny DENY.

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