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My streak of easy resolutions has just come to an end. For this next week, I have to Go With the Flow.


Why is this hard you ask? Well, it wouldn’t be for a normal human being, but I might be a bit….OCD? Uptight? Non-normal?

I mean, I have lists on every available surface including (but obviously not limited to!) the coffee table, the counter, the fridge, my nightstand, my phone, in my purse… Wait, I think I’m making a list right now.

Anyway. I make lists. It’s my thing. If something goes off schedule, or if I don’t complete every.single.thing. on these lists, I start to turn all green and begin Hulk-smashing things. Ask Dan. It’s really fun to watch. So for an entire week, I will be trying to leave my life (somewhat) unplanned and not freak out if things don’t follow this mythical unplan.


Oh boy.

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