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You know how I’ve been complaining about my resolutions being kind of boring? Well this week is boring….on purpose!

This week I have to Read a Book I Wouldn’t Normally Be Interested In.


Those books in the picture? No idea why we own them. This is probably the most use they have ever gotten. The bottom one was a textbook from my Masters program, but the others have just accumulated from….somewhere? I apologize if you’re the person who gave us any of these, but Dan doesn’t even read, and I read SO much that I just don’t have time to pick up a book about water because then who would read all the chick lit?!

So I have a few ideas for this one. I don’t particularly like the fantasy genre (with the exception of Harry Potter, but didn’t everyone like those?) and I don’t watch Game of Thrones (I know, I know.) so I was thinking of maybe picking up the first book in that series. Has anyone read them?



If that doesn’t work out, we already know I’m not much of a history fan, so maybe I will read something historical. Or a biography of a person I don’t particularly like, or even know of.

I’m open to suggestions also. Send me some titles of books you think will bore me to tears, or make me wish we had a fireplace in need of…kindle? ammo? whatever the heck you call paper put in fire to burn? Yikes, maybe I should read a book on THAT…

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