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This week definitely was a bit of a challenge. How do you eat healthy at a birthday party?! Answer: you don’t eat. You spend months planning a surprise for your boyfriend’s 30th and are such a ball of nerves the day of the event that it’s all of a sudden 11pm and whoops, you forgot to eat!

I suppose there are a few cookies, an alcoholic beverage, and several forkfuls of salad that can prove that untrue. But no cake, no pizza, no meatballs, no lasagna, no ice cream, and NO CAKE. I think I did well.


I also went to Trader Joe’s early in the week and came home with the healthiest haul of groceries I had ever put in my fridge. I think my fridge was probably so confused that it spent the night Googling “are grapes poisonous? is spinach a bad word?”


We went out for breakfast the day after the party and instead of my usual pancakes or french toast (which usually resemble rafts in a syrup lake), I stuck with cottage cheese and wheat toast. I was dragged kicking and screaming to get ice cream the next night (ugh, my life is awful) and I picked a low fat frozen yogurt and ordered the smallest size.


So I’m happy with my choices this week, and while I most likely will continue to bring fruit and yogurt for snacks at work, and order smaller and healthier portions when eating out, I am most definitely not restraining from ice cream all summer long. It’s practically a food pyramid requirement from June – September.

Oh, also. I didn’t put my last blog post on Facebook this Sunday because I felt like I had already reached my self-imposed posting limit for the day with San Francisco pictures, Dan’s party pictures, and statuses (statii?). If you’re interested in reading it and don’t subscribe via email or RSS, it’s here.

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