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So this week, I have to Eat Healthy. Luckily, it’s just about time to go food shopping (we haven’t gone since we got back from California almost 3 weeks ago!) so I can stock up on things to fill these empty produce drawers.


Those drawers are pretty much always empty unless we buy a cucumber or some spinach for a recipe. It’s not that we don’t like fruits & veggies, but Dan doesn’t snack, and neither of us like to cook, so when we buy produce, it always goes bad before we can eat it all.

This week I would like to try to focus on some healthy snacks for me – maybe grab an apple and some peanut butter instead of a handful of pretzels, or a fresh fruit smoothie instead of ice cream. I would love for you to send me your favorite healthy snack and smoothie ideas so I can stock up at the farmer’s market this week!


Luckily my week starts on Wednesday so I can still have cake and ice cream for a certain someone’s 30th birthday on Tuesday.


10,950 days, DAN!!

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