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…that 6 out of 7 days of flossing is ok? Yeah, I missed a day. But considering I missed about 365 of them before that, I’m still feeling pretty good about this week.

There was another good thing to come out of this week also. I’m not usually very good about bedtime routines; I tend to get comfy with a book and then pass out without heading back into the bathroom. It’s only recently that I’ve started getting better about removing my makeup at night, and the only reason that happened is because I’m so addicted to watching beauty videos on YouTube now that it’s become necessary to take off all the makeup I’ve been wearing. And buying.

So now that I’m in there flossing every night, I’ve started a little night time routine.


I’ve also been using this guy:


I bought that about a year ago, but I think it did a better job of washing all the mirrors, the ceiling, and every surface in my bathroom than it did of flossing my teeth. I think I’m starting to get the hang of it now though and I can almost keep all of the water in my mouth. Almost.

I’m tempted to make a dentist appointment for…well, tomorrow. Do you think they can tell that all my flossing has been crammed into one week?

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