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I think we have a 6 out of 7 theme going on here. Well, let’s say 6.5 out of 7 because really we did pretty well.

Wednesday was Opposite Day. While I’m normally the one who likes to stay in and rarely drinks at home, Dan is far more social, goes out way more often, and makes all kinds of strange concoctions with the leftover alcohol in our fridge. On Opposite Day I had to convince him to go to the fireworks RIGHT DOWN THE STREET. And that was after I made us these:


Ignore the one on the left, it was not feeling very patriotic.

Once we found the food truck that served iced coffee, it ended up being a fun night out and a good kick off to the week.


We both had the 4th off, but we spent the day mostly relaxing, doing errands, and visiting family. The highlight of the day was most definitely our lunch at Macaroni Grill, which cost $7.84 for 2 entrees because I am the Queen of Cheap.


Friday was the beginning of a 1-day work week (in my mind), but we spent the night together road-tripping to my mom’s house. Once we got there, we ate together on the back porch, and then this happened:

You guys, those mosquitoes are HUGE in Western Mass. I mean look at that thing.

Saturday was spent at a family party celebrating my brother’s graduation from college and it was by far the BEST day of the week. We ate a ton of picnic food, spent lots of time outside, and saw some relatives that we definitely don’t get to see often enough. There were water balloons, poisonous non-poisonous spiders, puppies, cookies, sprinklers, sunshine, and this unidentifiable creature:


Sunday was similar to Thursday in that we both had the day off and spent it doing pretty much nothing until later in the day when went out to dinner at Not Your Average Joe’s. Remember when I was planning for this week and I said maybe we would go for a walk after work? Yeah. We are definitely food people. Not so much walking people.

Monday was movie night, so we curled up on the couch to watch V/H/S/2. Um. It was awful. Like so bad. And I LOVE horror movies, sometimes the cheesy ones even more, but this was just….terrible. We were giving each other looks the whole time like “is this actually happening?” or “I feel dumber watching this.” I gave up about 3/4 of the way through, so if you want to know how it ended, you will have to ask Dan.


Yeah, like the one where you realize you just spent over an hour watching this instead of something more fun, like doing the dishes, or eating nails.

Wait, I’m writing this during Don’t Complain week. Did that one count? Please say no.

Ok, so Tuesday was the final day and it was actually the toughest. Dan leaves for work before I get up in the morning, and then got home right as I was leaving to go celebrate a girlfriend’s birthday. I got home around 10:30 at night, which is pretty late for me, but we needed to sneak in some together time, so we both got in bed and (that is NOT where this is going) played video games on our phones. Ha. Dan played an old SNES version of Aladdin and I of course chose this:


And that is why Tuesday only counts as half a day.

But I did get to a new level. And I very much enjoyed my Week of Dan and am looking forward to more 🙂

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