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I made 2 new meals this week, but they were kind of the same meal. Although different. Yes, this is kind of how I am in real life. Ask me to make a decision. Go ahead. See what happens.

I used the broccoli slaw that I posted about earlier in the week to make a salad. Pretty much just broccoli slaw, balsamic dressing, and some feta cheese from Trader Joe’s that had herbs and red peppers mixed in. I really liked it and would definitely make it again for a quick work lunch or something.

For the hot meal, I boiled the broccoli slaw and then drained it, just like you would pasta.


I added in some tomato basil sauce and more of the feta because nothing is a meal to me without cheese.


It was just kind of…meh. It could be because I’m really not a fan of sauce on my pasta, so I guess I wouldn’t be much of a fan of it on my broccoli slaw. It just tasted kind of plain though, more vegetabley (go away, Spellchecker) than anything. Which makes sense since it was basically all vegetables with a tiny bit of cheese that couldn’t even save the day.

So that one I probably won’t be making again.

What about you guys? Have you tried anything new lately? I always seem to get a lot of great recipes when I post anything about food, and I’m always up for trying something new, so feel free to send your recipes my way.


Bonus points if they have cheese!

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