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I decided to take the liberty of changing this week up a little bit. I can do that, right? I mean, it was just a leeeeeetle change.

My original resolution was to See How Far I Can Run but I decided instead to See How Fast I Can Run. See? Leeeeeeeetle. Only 2 letters.

I figured this would be a little more manageable for me, and frankly, a little easier. If I was going to be running 3-4 times this week, I didn’t want to be pushing myself to run for miles each time, or spending an hour on a treadmill. Ha, an hour. Who do I think I am?


Last August I ran in a mile-long race and finished with a time of 10:49. Not super fast, I know, but I was happy with it. This week I thought I would see how low I could get my mile time down to.

I ran on the treadmill the first day, which made it difficult to really calculate because the first 30 seconds or so are spent getting the thing up to a good speed. Then I kept upping the speed a little bit each minute, but sometimes it seemed like the treadmill wasn’t going much faster, but the distance calculator was. So basically, I don’t know how accurately this reflects my mile time in comparison to the race I ran on pavement last year, but I’m hoping that it doesn’t at all because…


Seriously? 13 whole minutes?! Oh, AND. I stopped to walk for a minute or so during the race last year because it was so hot and muggy outside, but on the treadmill I didn’t stop once. So how on earth can I be over 2 minutes slower when I went at a faster pace? It seemed a bit fishy to me, but I went with it because, honestly, these numbers worked well for my OCD.

I tried again 2 days later and my time was 11:11. Again, a nice OCD-pleasing number, and much more in the range I had expected. I didn’t get a picture this time, but Dan was there and he can vouch for me or I will tell everyone that he washed the floor with Pledge the other day.

My third (and final) date with the treadmill this week was before work Tuesday morning. BEFORE. Like, early. So it should come as no surprise to you that I got on that treadmill (actually, that part probably is a surprise), ran my heart out for .82 hundredths of a mile, and then…..stopped. Yeah, just totally turned it off, went upstairs, and got ready for work instead.

I actually am not too upset about this though because I did get up before work to run for a third time in just 5 days. And I used the extra calories I burned to treat myself to this for lunch:


I don’t know why I couldn’t push myself to do those last .18 hundredths of a mile. I really just get bored running. Every few years I’ll decide I want to like running again, but it always seems to end this way.

However, the good news is that these .82 hundredths of a mile were completed in 9 minutes and 40 seconds. Which means…I beat my mile time!!!

Sort of. That counts, right?

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