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This week is both something I’m dreading and something that I’m glad I chose at this particular time. Contradictory? Welcome to my brain.


You already know that I hate to work out, and I like running even less. Last summer I ran in 3 races, all of which took place in 80-90 degree weather with high humidity. Fun.


Actually, that one WAS fun, but I walked more than I ran since it wasn’t really timed.

I pretty much gave up running after last August and I haven’t cared to do it again, but I am kind of curious how my time would compare if I was running in cooler temps. Something a little less than “I’m sweating like a man and I can’t breathe”, but a little higher than “My lungs are burning and snot is freezing to my face.” 60 might be nice.

While I don’t think I will get to run in 60 degree temps this week (not outside anyway), this resolution couldn’t have come at a better time. As someone who has suffered from both anxiety and depression, I have read a lot about how exercise can help alleviate the symptoms of both. I haven’t taken an anti-depressant in over a year now because I’ve felt like I haven’t really needed it, but also because I don’t like to take medications in general, as the side effects sometimes hit me worse than the problem itself.

However, recently I’ve noticed some of those symptoms creeping back in – I’ve been super irritable, have a lack of motivation to do anything but nothing, and little things are a struggle. It’s nowhere near as bad as I once was, and nothing that I’m too concerned about, but since I reallllly don’t want to think about taking, paying for, and dealing with medications again, I am glad this week came up when it did so that I’m forced to test out the exercise and endorphins theory.


Perhaps this is a little deep for a Sunday night, but you’re my invisible internet friends and I like you.

And you’re cheaper than therapy.

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