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So this week? Don’t even want to talk about it.

Originally I was planning on being silent to avoid complaining. Now I’m going to be silent just to avoid telling you how much I complained.

I woke up Wednesday complaining about my phone being slow, and then about not wanting to go to work, until Dan reminded me that it was the beginning of Don’t Complain week. Oops. The rest of the day actually went ok though, mostly because I was conscious of it, partly because it was a nice summer day, and largely because I got a raise. No complaining there!

The rest of the week just kind of fell apart. It was too hot, it was too cold, I had to pay bills, I didn’t want to work out, the bathroom didn’t clean itself, wahhh wahhh waaaahhhh. I’m so annoying.

So fine, I complain a lot. But many of these complaints were brought up in normal conversations about work, or chores, or small talk about the weather, which means…you guys complain too! I prefer to call it “venting”. And I think it’s a pretty essential part of keeping myself sane (shut up, Dan). I could totally stand to complain a lot less, and believe me, I know my life is nothing to complain about and I’m very grateful for that, but sometimes…. it’s just too hot. And too cold.


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