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This is one of those resolutions that I knew was in the jar and I’ve been just waiting for it to show up.


We’ve lived in our apartment for 2.5 years now and still don’t have a curtain above our living room sliding doors.


And while I love how our bedroom looks, the living room has always felt unfinished to me. It’s kind of cluttered and bare all at the same time. The furniture is all squished in along the length of every wall, but the space above it is mostly bare. The one area with wall decorations is behind the couch, but the size of the frames makes it look small and silly in comparison with the couch and the high ceiling/tall wall.


This week’s goal is going to be to find a curtain to match the couch pillows, and redecorate the walls. I have a few ideas in mind, but I’m still going to go on Pinterest and search through the home decor section just because.

And then I’ll want to redecorate my entire life while baking cookies inside brownies and wearing the cutest outfit ever.

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